See what other golfers are saying about Martini Golf Tees

The best tee I’ve ever used!
Ron A., Ohio

I love that tee!  Was breaking wood tee on almost every shot.
Dottie S., Michigan

Paul S., Florida

Friendly, easy to tee up.
Janice B., Illinois

On my 10th game with the same tee.
Bob P., New Hampshire

I LOVE the golf tees. I have used the same one for weeks now – it does not break,  Great idea!
Helen, Florida

Playing golf with the Martini Golf Tee, it never leaves a mark on the club, and lasts forever.  
Richard B., Delaware

Some (of the same Martini Golf Tees) have played as many as 45 rounds.
Lloyd H., Florida

Earlier model still in use after more than three months. Easy to balance ball on the Martini top.
John S., Michigan

The most practical, convenient and indestructible golf tee on the market.  I don’t leave for the course without it.
Gene L., Illinois

No more need to litter tee boxes with broken wooden tees.  On my 14th round using your Martini. 
Bob P., Florida

In May last year I found one of your golf tees on a course on Sanibel Island.  I have been using it ever since. 
Robin H., Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom




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