We make golf tees.  Make them right here in the USA.  When all your company does is make golf tees, you better make a good one.  But don’t take our word for it.  Here’s just a sampling of the emails we’ve received:

Never again will I use any other tee!!!

- Mike, PA

I'm converted!

- Matt, VA

The best tee I’ve ever used!

- Ron, OH

Great product -- ball never falls off the tee and practically indestructible.

- David, AZ

I am a Heavy Metal musician and AVID Golf freak, and after playing Golf for over 40 years now and trying every Golf tee on the planet, I absolutely LOVE your Golf tees!!!!!!

- Shawn, GA

Playing golf with the Martini Golf Tee, it never leaves a mark on the club, and lasts forever.

- Richard, Delaware

I keep a record of driving distance and normally drive the ball 238 and hit 3-4 fairways on average; with this tee my distance was 243. Fairways hit -- 7 WOW!

- John, NY

I purchased your tees for a friend of mine [who] suffers from MS. He loves the game of golf and something as simple as placing the ball on the tee is a struggle for him. I saw your product at a local store and thought these might help him out. And wouldn't you know it they did! Something as simple as a tee has made his playing experience a million times more enjoyable. Your product has improved my friend’s life… Thank you and keep up the great work.

- Rob, FL

I purchased a single tee from my course’s pro shop about two and a half years ago... a single white Martini Tee. Since then I have purchased about 25 more tees...not because I have broken a single one... rather I buy them to give them to my friends and golf buddies!

- David, Newfoundland, Canada

In May last year I found one of your golf tees on Sanibel Island. I have been using it ever since.

- Robin, Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom.